Winners of our Lucky Draw

It took us a little time to sort it out between the multiple location but once we had the list, it was just a quick RNG away.
The prizes are

  • 1h photo shoot with fashion and beauty photographer Louise Angerer
  • 1h photo shoot with headshot photographer Fabien Sena
  • 3h use of photo studio
  • 1 minute promotional video shot and edited by Sandra Moore Production

Here are the 4 lucky winners

1st @mirey.tksm
2nd @Fabbo
3rd @Karl_Neubert
4th @AliceFazzari_13
Congratulations to all!

The way it works is simple : 1st winner can pick first then 2nd winner picks then 3rd then 4th

Contact me with your pick preferences

Awesome! Let’s see what #1 and #2 will pick! Thank you again for all these opportunities!

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@Karl_Neubert, I am already in touch with @mirey.tksm and @Fabbo.
Contact me on instagram with your preferred choices

Thank you! Just did it!

Alright, the winners picked their prizes !

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