Where to get your gear in Tokyo

Finding good and decently priced photographic gear in Tokyo is not that easy.
It seems that compared to the US a lot of stuff is either unavailable or quite expensive.
Online sites like Amazon, eBay and Rakuten can help but sometimes the shipping fee is a dealbreaker.

Those are the few places I personally shopped in Tokyo :

  • Fujiya camera in Nakano: Decent selection of body and lenses, some very good deal on second-hand lenses and bags. The staff is usually helpful and they are used to foreigners. The place is a bit funky with several locations in the same street catering to different sections (the tripod section is 20 meters away from the main shop).
  • Yodobashi Shinjuku Camera-kan. On the South/West side of JR Shinjuku station, there is a whole building dedicated to camera gear. They have some lights and modifiers but usually quite expensive. A special note to the basement floor with framing and papers. Fun fact, the film section is in a smaller section a few meters away from the main “Camera building”.

Do you have any other good addresses? maybe outside Tokyo ?