Things to do

  • Setup PoC site-
  • Define categories
  • Invite high-value Beta users for feedback
  • Invite peers in the photography community to contribute
  • Define mission and goals
  • Define design
  • Register new domain
    * Move PoC to Beta
    * Enable Social platforms login (Facebook, twitter, google, etc)
  • Invite first wave of high-value users
  • Promote site

What is needed IMHO:

  • Preview post. I would like to see the gallery before posting.
  • Draft save of the post.
  • Another category “Self introduction”. I think there should be a place to say hello.

@uaru.amphiacantoides Thanks for the feedback.
Do you mean you cannot see the preview at the moment ?
It should work on PC version. The gallery formatting is tricky as it is based on CSS and works only after the engine generated thumbnails. :frowning:
Draft saving is automatic and work both on PC and mobile.

There is a place called Quick Introduction so people can do a … you know.

I cannot see preview until I publish the post.

Maybe this “Quick introduction” needs to be more exposed - I did not notice. So i was looking at the categories and thought it would be a logical place to make.

Fair point, moving it as a top category

Maybe you should put the information on where to do introduction in the discobot greetings message.

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Duh, why didn’t I think about that.
Done :slight_smile:

Ok, it seems I can see the preview on the right!

So the issue is how the gallery is being rendered.

Because I did not see the gallery after the import, it did not register in my mind as “preview”.