Thank you all for joining our New Year Party

It was great meeting a bunch of talented people last night.
I hope you had a great time, if not let me know and I will be sure to tell the crappy organizer!

Special thanks to @uaru.amphiacantoides, @Cristian_Bucur, @SU_Yin_Aye, @Remy_Busson, @Karl_Neubert, @Marcel_K (I saw your name on the list this morning but I don’t think we talked), @GraceMaureen, @Andrey_Grushnikov and everyone else who could make it.

I wanted to have a word with everyone but I feel I didn’t get the chance to.

The ShowCase was really nice, the models had fun, a few business contacts were made and now I am just waiting for you all to post pictures or video. Feel free to use @uaru.amphiacantoides 1/23 party - some photos or create your own thread. Use the tag @event :slight_smile: