Smartphone vs (real) photo gear

How do you consider smartphones image : Photo / useless stuff / memories / other ?

As for me smartphones are a good way to capture some images (and some very high priced do it pretty well actually ) but it will never be able to look alike a real photo
Technology tends to go to miniaturization of gears and stuff, i am not convinced though this will bring any quality compared to high light capturing optics (f/1 :sunglasses:)

A smartphone with a good camera and shooting RAW has a major advantage over my DLSR : convenience.
I carry it almost all the time and can easily snap whatever attracts the eye.

As long as you are aware of the limitation of the gear, it should be fine. Nowadays the quality of an iPhone 11 Pro or Samsung S10 or maybe Pixel 4 (I have not tested yet) is on par or better than consumer grade camera of a few years ago.