Night portraits(natural lighting)


Hey @Joji_George ! Very nice! Did you only use ambient light or added a flash somewhere ?

Handsome fellow too :wink:

No I didn’t use any flash as for ambient lighting I use the Shibuya streets and focus most on white balance and iso … I know some pretty cool offbeat areas in Shibuya where you will little to know 1 in your photos besides the subject… lastly, the time I took this photo was during rush hours lol

Sweet Bokeh. Very well done, hard to believe it was during rush hour !
Mind sharing the settings of the camera ?

Sure!! I kept my Sutter speed btwn 1/50-1/160, iso 1000, and F/1.4(creamy) but I personally think the shoot came out clean because I was paying attention to histogram. Lastly, They are some well hidden photo locations in the belly of the beast of Shibuya… I tend to shot better in crazy environments better yet organized chaos lol.