Next Party ! Submit your best work!

We are back! After Covid slowed us down, we are ready to resume our social gatherings soon. Last time we had a crowd of 250 creatives, models and photographers networking and socializing. Let’s make this one even better!

We are finalizing a fantastic venue for May and we will have multiple screens to display images.

If you want to showcase your work, send us your best pictures here and we will choose some to be seen by everyone. This will be a great way to start conversations.

Some simple rules
Maximum 20 pictures per entry, minimum 2000px on the longest edge.
Maximum 1.30 min video, minimum 1080p
Deadline: 4/19

You can either upload them to to this forum, to a cloud service (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc) or link to a site where they are already posted (500px, instagram, facebook, etc) and share the links here on Pics-Japan in the #images-showcase forum

We will create a poll to select 10 creators if we have more entries than we can show.
We reserve the right to reject any images that are not appropriate.