FunShoot December

Hello all,
The next Fun Shoot is December 1st (Sunday)


Meet-up link

Let’s try some dynamic portraits!
Free collaborative photoshoot in the studio.
All ideas welcome. Various lighting and modifiers are available.
Bring your own gear (outfits, make-up, camera, etc.)
Wi-Fi, snacks and drinks available.

This thread is to coordinate the event.

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Some inspiration

Beauty Shoot

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Edit : bold name are confirmed

Larisa : Stylist
Sandra : Model
Mao : MUA
Rube : Model
Parvina + husband : models
Amal : Model

Jo : photographer
Bob : Photographer. Will bring some lights and modifiers
Anil : photographer
Daisuke : photographer.
Fabien (yours truly) : photographer, studio owner and organizer

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We are lucky to have Mao joining as the Pro MUA
You can see her wonderful work there

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[Request to models]
Please let me or our stylist, Larisa, know your mensuration so she can try to find something that may fit. DM is fine.

[Request to photographers]
We will shoot mostly with LED continuous light, strobes are also available (einstein 640 x 2, Godox 300 x2) .
Bring your own triggers / speedlights if necessary

We are lucky to have Raluca Sandra Moore as one of our models


I will be bringing the following lighting gear so everyone can use it:
1 x Aputure 300D II COB LED daylight balanced light
1 x Aputure Light Dome II softbox
1 x Aputure 120D II COB LED daylight balanced light
1 x Aputure Light Dome Mini II softbox
1 x Aputure Lantern modifier
1 x Aputure Fresnel 2X modifier
1 x Aputure Barn doors
1 x Rosco Photo Lighting Kit gets

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Available in the studio
Travor LED light system

We are planning to shoot mostly with continous LED light this time but also available :
Einstein 640 x2 (Balcar mount)
Godox 300 x2 (Bowen mount)

For Einstein
Large octobox x1
Long stripbox x2
Beauty dish

For Godox
Small stripbox x 2

multi color large reflectors x3
Background stand
Backdrop paper : “Fashion grey” 2M wide
Many stands
A bunch of other stuff


Updated participants list above.
Bold are confirmed

[Notice] Models should bring some outfits/accessories if they wish.
We will not shoot the whole body so no need to bring shoes for the session.

I thought it was obvious but since I got question, let me say it clearly: this is NOT a nude / lingerie photoshoot.
All models will be clothed.
It is important that everyone feels safe and comfortable on set.