Fabien Sena, Photographer, Tokyo

My name is Fabien Sena, nice to meet you.

I am a French living in Japan for more than 20 years.
In a previous life, I did build some online communities long before Facebook, Reddit, Wikipedia or Instagram ever existed. With that experience, I really believe in the magic of the Internet to help people from different walks of life to connect and share knowledge and experience.

When I picked up photography as a new hobby some years ago, all I had was local resources in Japanese and some patient friends to show me the ropes. It was great but I always wondered if I could find a site that would answer my question specifically about shooting in Japan.
I spent a lot of time on Reddit, Facebook, and other photography forums but it was hard to meet with people either in Japan or knowledgeable of the situation here.

So … I decided to build the site I would love to be a member of.
The goal is to create the definitive community of photography enthusiasts shooting in Japan.

My main focus is on headshots and events photography. I am part of Peter Hurley’s Headshotcrew.
My studio is near Koenji. よろしくね!

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Nice to meet you Fabien and I look forward to seeing this forum grow. I’m based in Montreal, Canada myself and I’ve been coming back and forth to Japan and spending a lot of time there the past few years myself and finally looking to make the move out later this year! I’ll do a proper introduction myself.

PS… .Koenji is just an awesome little hood isn’t it? Great for street photography!

Hey @deniz!
Yeah Koenji is very cool, there is a lay-back atmosphere and a lot of small things happening all the time here.

Best luck for your move to Japan, it ain’t always easy but it is a great place to live.