[Canceled] 4/17 Models and Creative Spring Party

canceled : see post below

We are working on our next party, the date and place have been already decided.

  • Sankeys Penthouse (same as last time)
  • April 17th (Friday, so we can go a bit longer)

I know there is the COVID19 scare going around but that shouldn’t prevent us to prepare for fun.

Like last time, we will be running a Photo Showcase, contact me if you want to have your images in the showcase.

More to come.

I’ll try to make it! Been out of the loop with just about everything, but really wanting to connect with more creatives in the area. Looking forward to it!

Looking forward to this as well. Will there be another portrait retouching course? I would love to see other people’s creativity and methods

Excellent I’m ready to get out, hopefully the corona will have shifted positively by April!”~ :clap:t3:

Yes, that corona stuff is annoying.
As I am quarantined at the moment, I have to consider if it is wise to actually have the event in a few more weeks.
Will make a decision this weekend :frowning:

Hey @KenKimPhotos, thank you for your message.
Photo retouching workshop is definitely something we are planning to do again.
Maybe not at the social event but soon :slight_smile:

Looking forward to it, whenever it may happen :slight_smile:

Hey everybody,

As you may know, we were planning to have our next social Mix & Mingle party on April 17th.

Unfortunately the situation with COVID19 in Japan will very likely stay complicated for the next few months.

As a result, we decided to postpone the event until we feel we can provide reasonable safety to our guests.

I hope you are all making the best of a tough situation and work on some awesome projects.



There’s no other way, yes! Stay safe!