Aputure COB LED vs strobes

During our latest #Funshoot @Bob_Huynh brought his Aputure LED lights and I was impressed how well they performed.
I am using LED panels and I was not familiar with those, I am curious to know how they compare with strobes like Godox, Profoto or Einstein.

Any feedback?

The Aputure COB lights use Bowens mount so it’s very flexible because you can use different modifiers. And constant light is necessary for shooting video.

Besides the convenience of the mount, do you see any difference in quality of light, colors and temperature variation ?

The color quality of light from these COB LED lights are quite high. The TLCI and CRI ratings are 96+.There are some temperature variations depending on which modifiers and diffusion you use. With Bowens mount you have a variety of different ways on how the light is spread and diffused. So many options to control the light :slight_smile:

Yeah, I thought the temperature and quality was pretty good.
How would you compare them to your other lights ? You said you have some Profoto or Godox too ?

I have Godox AD600 and AD200 strobes. The Godox stuff isn’t as well built as the Aputure lights, but they serve different purposes. The Godox light quality is very good though. Their newer AD600 Pro and AD400 Pro strobes are built better than their regular ones though.

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