[2023/2/5 13.00-17.00] Studio photoshoot workshop

What : Studio photoshoot workshop
When : Sunday Feb 5th, 1PM-5PM / 2023年2月5日 午後1時から5時まで
Where : Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku 5-15-7 8F / 東京都新宿区新宿5-15-7 東晃ビル8F
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Who :

  • organizer : Fabien Sena
  • Photographers : 6 slots
  • Models 3 slots
  • Other (MUA / designer / etc) 2 slots

Costs : photographers 3,000 yen, Models & Others 1,000

[Registration form](https://forms.gle/aEFqqyK15VUcwaTW9)

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We currently have the following members
We have a full team




How to get there and what to expect in the studio (in Japanese)
Check the videos below

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Participants list edited to add Fenix and Alice
Please get in touch with the models here to discuss outfits.
Masaki is a Classical Japanese beauty doing dance and burlesque
Fenix is an experienced model and has been doing great cosplay shoots
Alice is an action actor and dancer

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Hello everyone,

I’m Fenix D’Joan I’ve been modeling and acting for a very long time and design costumes. For this shoot I’ll be bringing a few of my own designs and maybe 2 cosplays.

Let me know what type of lighting and shots you are interested in creating.


What to bring

  • participation fee in cash
  • food / drinks as you need


  • camera + laptop & cables if you want to shoot tethered
  • 50 mm lens or longer (70 to 135mm recommended for portraits)
  • flash triggers / receivers
  • your own speedlights and modifiers if you want to use them
  • batteries for your gear


  • several outfits / pieces
  • your own makeup kit
  • your shining personality
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What to expect

  • me in front of the studio before 1pm so we can get in on the dot.
  • introduction to the studio and the equipment available
  • basic explanation of studio lighting
    _ quality of light / modifiers
    _ positioning / inverse square law
    _ filling & subtracting light
  • shooting using the principles above

People not interested in those can start shooting on the small background ASAP, the large cyclorama wall will be shared.
Good communication between shooters and models is important.
Models should not hesitate to express themselves if instructions are not clear.

We need to be packed and ready to leave the studio at 5pm

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