[2023-03-05] Studio Lighting 101 Workshop

What: Studio Lightining workshop
When: Sunday March 5th, 1PM-5PM / 2023年3月5日 午後1時から5時まで
Where: F’s Studio near Koenji (JR)/ Toritsukasei (Seibu Shinjuku)
Who :

  • organizer : Fabien Sena
  • Photographers : 4 slots
  • Models 1 slots
  • Other (MUA / designer / etc) 1 slots

Costs : photographers 2,000 yen, Models & Others 0

This time, it will be a learning session.
Basics of Studio lightning

  • Light sources
  • Modifiers
  • Key light
  • Fill light

We will practice with the basic Clamshell lighting setup for beauty shots

What to bring:

  • notepad / phone to record or shoot setup


  • camera (+ laptop and cable to shoot tethered)
  • your own flash trigger for your camera type (Sony / Canon / etc) -Nikon triggers available
  • At least 1 Speedlight flash + Battery (some available)

We currently have the following members


Waiting list [None]


Waiting List Doris Jalani

I will join on 5th march

Hey Anil,
I am very sorry, at the moment there is a waiting list for the last spot
May I confirm that a few days before the event ?

Sure Fabien, I will wait for the confirmation

Dear all,
please see below a few important stuff to learn about your camera

Flash control mode
Enable the control mode of your onboard flash
Nikon Z6
Fujifilm X100V

Focus point control
Select the focus mode / focus point
Nikon Z6
Fujifilm X100V

Let me know if you have any question.
It is best that you practice changing your focus mode / points before the shoot so you are comfortable with the process.

participants list has been updated. Please see this post.

Thank you to all of you who made it yesterday.
I will create separate posts to cover some of the points discussed yesterday.
Meanwhile the homework is

  • post a few selection of your images, before and after editing
  • what is the stuff that was the hardest to do, the easiest to do