1 attempt using studio lights

I enjoy shooting in natural light setting and just a reflector…here’s my 1st serious attempt using studio light… negative and positive review are accepted

I edited your post to add the grid

First of all, awesome body painting.
It is hard for me to give a feedback because they are almost all very different. I am not sure if each of them match the idea / image you had in your mind.

Now as a series, the first 2 ones seem a bit weak to me compared to the rest.
The strongest impact (very subjective) are the 3rd one (landscape orientation) and last one.

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Thanks! I was not aiming for a series in this photo session… I was experimenting mostly with the lighting… I did take a lot of frames maybe I should I build a small series now that you mention it :wink:… as always thanks for the feed back

To me, lighting serves to set up a mood, to show the subject literally with a new light.
I could argue about the quality of light, the height, the direction, the fall off and so on.
But without knowing what you intended to do when you shot those, it’ll be just mouth farts :stuck_out_tongue:

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