1/23 New Year Party : submit your pics to show off

We will have a New year party / Meet and greet on January 23rd from 7PM.
The venue is great and we can project images on several screens.

If you want to show off, submit your best pictures here and we will select some to be visible to everyone.
That would be a great conversation starter :slight_smile:


The pictures or short videos should be at least 2000px on the longest edge.
You can either put them somewhere for download (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc) and link them here or point to a site where you already uploaded them (500px, instagram, facebook, etc).
We reserve the right to refuse some images not deemed appropriate.

Wow, nice work ! Especially love the black & white water shot.
Do you have a dropbox or google drive link where I could download them all at this resolution ?

Remy, I love how you are using shadows.
Do you have those pics in higher res (2000px) somewhere I can download ?

Cool idea. Here are some photos I shot in 2019. I can send high res copies via dropbox if you want to show any at the event.

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@Pinkerton same question as everyone else, do you have those in 2000px somewhere I can download them from (dropbox / gDrive, OneDrive, etc) ?

I really dig your architecture / art shots

Thanks Fabien. I can upload high res to dropbox, but I need your contact info to share them with you.


@Alex_Trani Awesome portraits. I love your style ! Grabbed them and will definitely showcase most (if not all) of them!

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Here’s a link to those photos.

Gregor’s Photos

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Thanks Gregor :slight_smile:

thank you. Looking forward to the event.

I rearranged the uploaded pictures here with the “Grid Gallery” function.
Easier to see this way :grin:

I have taken photos for Kaala’s ‘The Tower’ events here in Tokyo. We mainly focus on the underground music scene in Japan. You can find some of the photos here, Thank you! : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OiAjMR498Kdto-xL6LLUH0quTzcuwOKf

Thanks Gaku! I got them :slight_smile:

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I do mostly street photography and occasionally model photoshoots. Here is my Flickr and Instagram.

Thanks @Andrey_Grushnikov
What an interesting eye !
I grabbed some pics from Flickr and will showcase them.